Details of my upcoming online and in-person tai chi classes and workshops.

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Zoom Tai Chi Class 11:30 - 12:00 (see class details HERE)

Beginners Price £17 per month - join our online community HERE


Zoom Tai Chi Class 11:30 - 12:00 (see class details HERE)

Intermediate Price £17 per month - join our online community HERE

VIP Membership


Access to all live online classes and access to the video library of recordings.

Free to join us at Tai Chi in the Park, Hereford, UK.

Beginners and Intermediate classes Price £30 per month - join our online community HERE

Tai Chi in the Park

Open air practice on Castle Green, Hereford every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 9am.

Send an email to to receive details including any last minute instructions, such as changes in the weather or changes due to developments brought on by living in these strange times.

Price £7 per session (local VIP Patrons join for free)

Ten week Tai Chi Course

From basics to intermediate, progressive explanation of main concepts and practices. Coming soon.... email your interest

Beginners and Intermediate, see details HERE

Private 1-2-1 Tuition

We are all different in how we prefer to learn. From basics to intermediate, you can book private sessions at your own pace and in a time suitable for you. Either focussing entirely on basic movment, simple to follow movement, or running through a form over and over, the choice is entirely yours. This will include a conversation to decide your specific needs and then I will prepare a plan for the session.

Beginners and Intermediate 1 hour session, online or in person, starts at £40 - please email.