Tai Chi Online Classes

Join us from anywhere in the world for beautiful tai chi classes brought to you online via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Indepth and superbly calm and engaging instruction. We take you through the basics and beyond. Our teaching style is enhanced with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Tel./text: 07854189009 Email: paula@spiralling-energy.co.uk

Want to feel energised and ready for action?

Benefit from getting some exercise in your own home, and begin to feel more relaxed and at peace with the world. As part of a membership you can join our live online classes twice a week via zoom! In just 30 minutes we cover both theory and training. Moving with flow and dignity.

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Experience open hand tai chi and qigong movements, with the simple intention to help relax and energise.

Join us for our Online LIVE Tai Chi Classes taught by experienced Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher Paula Jobson, offering Chen-style Tai Chi. Classes cover both Tai Chi theory and training. Open to all - Designed for optimum Energy generation, Health & Wellbeing. Begin to feel your laughter bubble up from within.

Email paula@spiralling-energy.co.uk for payment details.

Spiralling Energy Tai chi online classes Mondays and Fridays

Why start learning tai chi?

Are you feeling stressed, frazzled, close to burn-out, befuddled, impossibly distracted? Do you feel your body or life is out of control?

The health benefits of Tai Chi are many and include: improved balance • improved sleep quality • enhanced immune system • relaxation of both Physical & Mental tension • increased brain function.

Tai chi brings purpose, patience, flow, focus, clarity and engagement with living your best life now.

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A sample of the on-demand tai chi topics that are available in the Membership Area

For a more structured approach to learning tai chi join my online classes

Tai Chi Online Programme

Structured classes diving into the detail of tai chi and qigong.

These are friendly and relaxed classes, designed to bring out your feelings of joy and happiness. Begin to feel more at peace and engaged with the world. Bring you body back into alignment through simple exercises that can be done either standing or sat down.

Our new Online programme includes simple and easy to follow instructions, live log-in area that you will continue to have access to after the course is complete, motivational area to help keep you positive and energised. A sprinkling of chinese philosphy.

What to expect:

  • Class content released weekly for you to follow at your own time and pace.

  • Send in questions at any time for individual response.

  • Catch up and practice together in a regular live event.

  • Practice diagrams to download and keep

  • Lifetime access to website learning.

Cultivating a heart of happiness... ❤️ finding peace and harmony within✨.

Tai Chi Classes in Hereford, UK

Structured classes diving into the detail of tai chi and qigong.

In person and in very beautiful surroundings, we take the best of care to be C-19 compliant.

Our new class timetable:

Cultivating a heart of happiness... ❤️ finding peace and harmony within✨.

Looking for classes in your area? Please get in touch to start the conversation... I cover Herefordshire and surrounds.

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Featured articles and publications

A beautiful blog post on meet the teacher, created by Zoe Mason at Clear Space Studios can be found here

Tai Chi Private Tuition

Learning Tai Chi at your own pace and convenience may be best for you.

Depending on work and personal commitments a weekly Tai Chi class may not be suitable.

Individual sessions can be tailored to what suits you best and costs are reasonable. Small groups are also welcome. Sessions can be at my home in Hereford, UK, in the local park or online via Skype or Zoom.

So whether you want an introductory taster or something more specific – please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

For enquires regarding the class or One-to-one instruction please ring for more details: +44 (0)7854189009

Tai Chi Demonstrations

What is tai chi?

If your organisation or group would like to learn more, perhaps to have a taster session brought to your usual gathering then please get in touch.

I cover most areas in Herefordshire and surrounding counties including Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Hay-on-Wye, Bromyard, Ledbury, Worcester, Great Malvern, Droitwich and Abergavenny.

For enquiries regarding availability for demonstrations please ring 07854189009

Alternatively book a call here

(This is my scheduling link so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time to meet).

So whether you want an introductory taster or something more specific – please contact me to discuss your individual or group requirements.

For enquires please ring for more details: 07854189009

Recent Demonstrations and taster sessions include:

Private Group: The Linden Centre * Stuff She Does * Hereford Carers Group * Herefordshire Wildlife Trust * Herefordshire College of Technology * Rhayader Wellbeing Day * Canon Frome Court * Camarthem University * Herefordshire Blind College * SGI-UK Womens Group Seminar

If you are part of an organisation that might be interested in holding a Tai Chi event then please feel free to contact me.

Student Testimonials:

The Tai Chi classes run by instructor Paula Jobson, at the Westfields Community Centre, are highly recommended.

Each weekly session is an hour long, and Paula takes you through the Tai Chi forms step by step, in a logical fashion. The movements are not at all strenuous, however they do achieve a full body workout. The movements are flowing, and relaxing.

Chris, Hereford

I have been attending Paula's Tai class since the summer. She is a great teacher, enthusiastic and encouraging, allowing all to go at their own pace - a great trait for a teacher. The other class members are also very supportive. I thoroughly enjoy Paula's classes and the benefits began from the very first class.......

Audrey, Hereford

When yoga 🧘‍♀️ isn't a good idea until I find out the extent of my instability, I turned to Tai Chi to bring my focus back on my body & balance and to continue to reignite my fire! 😃🔥

Thank you Spiralling energy tai chi !

Mel, Hereford