Classes in Herefordshire

Tel./text: 07854189009 Email:

Classes running at:

Clear Space Studio, Hereford - 7:30 PM EVERY TUESDAY

The Kindle Centre, ASDA, Hereford - 12:30 PM EVERY THURSDAY

Westfields Community Hall, Hereford - 6:30 PM EVERY FRIDAY

Friendly and informal classes are designed to bring out feelings of joy and happiness. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

COST £7 per hour session, (£18 for 3 consecutive weeks).

Cash or card: We accept contactless payments

We are happy to answer any questions about the class.

For enquires regarding One-to-one instruction please ring for more details.

Shanghai Temple

Recent Demonstrations include:

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Herefordshire College of Technology

Rhayader Health and Wellbeing Day

Canon Frome Court Health & Wellbeing Evening

Camarthem University - Womens Buddhist Retreat


Tai chi is an excellent practice for developing good mental and physical health.

Tai Chi is an energising and relaxing form of exercise that anyone can take up, at any age. Experience the joy of happiness through the practice of tai chi. Classes are designed to put you at your ease.

There are many documented benefits to the practice of Tai chi; Practice will help you to calm the mind and balance the body. Students report many benefits including experiencing the best nights sleep after participating in one of my classes.


The Tai Chi classes run by instructor Paula Jobson, at the Westfields Community Centre, are highly recommended.

Each weekly session is an hour long, and Paula takes you through the Tai Chi forms step by step, in a logical fashion. The movements are not at all strenuous, however they do achieve a full body workout. The movements are flowing, and relaxing.

Chris, Hereford