Tai Chi Online Membership

Tai Chi Online Membership details

Regular live zoom classes every Monday and Friday are uploaded to the membership site within 24 hours. The sessions are 30 minutes long, with additional time at the end of the session for questions and insights.

There is a whole library of thoughtfully indexed classes and short videos available within the membership that you can access at any time.

Some of our members prefer to watch the replays rather than join the live sessions. Some members are drawn to specific sessions and enjoy watching their favourite session over and over. You can use the site in any way that best suits your learning style. Even if you don't join the live sessions, you can still ask questions and receive tailored responses.

Looking for regular short bursts of tai chi insights? For bite-sized wellbeing and balance insights, the No-Mind membership level is ideal.

Remember, if you have any questions, just drop me a line, and I will be happy to help.

I recommend you also join my private membership group on Facebook. You can stay informed of any new classes and my free video uploads to the Spiralling Energy YouTube channel.

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Membership Levels:

No-Mind Abstracts - access class special edits, regular bonus content

Monday Class - access all Monday and No-mind content

Friday Class - access all Fiday and No-mind content

VIP access - access all class content, all areas, free access to meet-ups in the Park

Ten week Tai Chi Course

From basics to intermediate, progressive explanation of main concepts and practices. Coming soon.... email your interest

Beginners and Intermediate, see details HERE

Private 1-2-1 Tuition

We are all different in how we prefer to learn. From basics to intermediate, you can book private sessions at your own pace and in a time suitable for you. Either focussing entirely on basic movment, simple to follow movement, or running through a form over and over, the choice is entirely yours. This will include a conversation to decide your specific needs and then I will prepare a plan for the session.

Beginners and Intermediate 1 hour session, online or in person, starts at £40 - please email.

Discounts available for booking a group of sessions. Most popular is the 6-week introduction to all things tai chi.

Corporate Wellness Exercises

If you are part of an organisation that might be interested in holding a Tai Chi event or book a series of online employee wellbieng sessions then please feel free to contact me.