About Us

With over 20 years experience Paula offers classes that are suitable to anyone seeking to learn new skills in balance and flow. This is for people who want to get back in flow with a feeling of freedom on a deeper level, whereby they are realising joy and connectivity of being in the present moment.

Training takes place in a progressive way, and upholds the fundamental importance of cultivating and nurturing every aspect of one's being.

Tai chi was created as a fighting art, and is ultimately a multifaceted discipline, steeped in toaist philosophy it is an effective health discipline and it is a method for self-cultivation.

Spiralling Energy was formed in 2005 and we teach the Chen Style tai chi. We focus on beginner classes and introductory taster sessions. With mentors including Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, and Master Chen Yingjun, Paula has travelled to China to study at the source in Chenjiagou village.

The inspiration for the name Spiralling Energy came from conversations with the late John Llewellyn, honoured disciple of the Chen Family Dynasty. In teaching Chen Style tai chi he always brought the focus of his students attention on every movement as a spiralling energy, the action in Chen Style Tai Chi is of a cellular nature, working with the energy flow of the body.

"I took this practice up whilst a very active rower needing to find flexibility and free-flowing movement to match strength and core control gained through sporting activity. I began this practice over 20 years ago and as I go deeper into the practice it keeps getting better and better." Paula Jobson