About Me

Paula Jobson

My friends say that I am like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and that seems the best way to sum up my work! I am one of lifes smilers. Through my tai chi training, with mindfulness and qigong thrown in, – be it live classes, online, one to one, workshops or retreats – I offer a holistic experience of healing mind, body and spirit. Over the last 20 years of sharing tai chi in Herefordshire, I have built up a beautiful community that welcomes new souls every week.

My joy is to work with individuals within a class as much as possible to develop and improve their own Tai Chi knowledge and practice. I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves as chi flows more willingly with laughter and good spirits.

Training takes place in a progressive way, and upholds the fundamental importance of cultivating and nurturing every aspect of one's being.

Why Tai Chi – how it changed my life

Having experienced a quick succession of life changing difficulties I felt in a pretty dark place. As I started my journey with tai chi, each class was like an opening up to a new way of being, and each class brought me back into a trusting connection with my body. Consistent practice allowed me to shed old negative thought patterns, insecurities, self-doubts, and self-judgment. Expanding my practice and working in coordination with others connected me back to feelings of love and fearlessness. Everything in my life healed as I did… relationships bloomed, opportunities for personal growth presented themselves, my body gained flexibility, social interactions grew more balanced and responsive.

Very early on in my practice I had the amazing good fortune to go to China and experience Eastern living and to learn at the source in Chen Village, Henan Province of China. My new path became clear to me

The inspiration for the name Spiralling Energy came from conversations with the late John Llewellyn, honoured disciple of the Chen Family Dynasty. In teaching Chen Style tai chi he always brought the focus of his students attention on every movement as a spiralling energy, the action in Chen Style Tai Chi is of a cellular nature, working with the energy flow of the body.

I am regularly increasing my knowledge and appreciation of tai chi by attending workshops and seminars with the Chen family, their representatives and disciples.


Guest on the Kate Justice Show, BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio - talking about the benejfits of Tai Chi, Tuesday 15th March 2021

Qualifications & Memberships

Paula is a fully insured Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Paula is a Dignity Champion

Continuing Professional Development

Paula continues to deepen her Tai Chi practice and understanding with Karel & Eva Koskuba of the Chinese Internal Arts Association – lineage disciples of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang

It has also been Paula's privilege to attend many seminars by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and his son Chen Ying Jun when they visit the UK and Ireland. And to have made the journey to Chenjiagou in China to train with Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.

"I took this practice up whilst a very active rower needing to find flexibility, mastery of balance and free-flowing movement to match my rapidly developing physical strength and core control gained through sporting activity. I began this practice over 20 years ago and as I go deeper into the practice it keeps getting better and better." Paula Jobson