What to wear

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No special clothes are required to enjoy tai chi, so choose something loose and baggy that will allow unrestricted movement. After all tai chi is reknowned in particular for being practiced in the park.

Footwear should be basic, as you want your feet to feel freedom of movement, so gym pumps are ideal. Avoid any footwear with moulded innersoles as these will not allow you to feel a connection with the floor and you will not be able to feel when you squeeze your toes together.

Did you know there are 26 bones and 13 muscles in the foot? Tai chi trains these muscles back into balance and strength.

Your feet need to be active and as close to their natural movement as possible. Some people get on very nicely wearing their favourite bedroom slippers, after all these are specifically designed for relaxed comfort. In the summer months socks or barefoot are common.

And as a final assurance, no yoga mats are required, everything in tai chi is done standing up (or on the odd occasion sitting down).

What to wear for your first Spiralling-Energy tai chi class - slippered feet and loose-fitting clothes

Did you know that slippers are enormously comfortable for practicing tai chi?