What to expect in your first class

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Classes are gently invigorating; they are empowering and energising, each one different and sensitively tailored to the energies of the day and experience in the class.

This is a group experience.

When you join a beginners class, there will be people who have never studied tai chi before and intermediates who want to reconnect with the basics and work with the group experience.

People come along to a class for all sorts of reasons, and once the first step has been taken, tai chi becomes a way of life.

This is a powerfully restorative tai chi practice. There is no beginning and no end as you tap into your own universal energy and connect back to source.

Through learning new patterns of movement you are engaging your brain and creating new synapses.

You can shift away from old body patterns and even clear stagnant thought patterns that no longer serve you.

You learn to breathe deeply and open up your lungs to receive the restorative powerful energy of air, feeling calmer, and calling up your own peaceful warrior.

Typical class format includes:

  • Opening up the meridians through gentle stretching exercises

  • Opening up to feeling your body's energy flow through qigong

  • Invigorating your body through tai chi application

  • Quieting down and tuning in with standing meditation

Tai Chi Class in the park - experience working together in harmonyGroup Beginners Tai Chi class in progress Hereford BobblestockGroup Beginners Tai Chi Workshop in progress - learning the basics with Spiralling Energy Tai Chi Meet your instructor at Spiralling Energy Tai Chi - Paula Jobson - 20 years experience of teaching Chen Style taijiSpiralling Energy Tai chi slippers and broadsword at the ready for weapons tai chi training in herefordMeet your instructor at Spiralling Energy tai chi Herefordshire classes Meet your tai chi instructor at Holmer Park Spa and Health Club HerefordMeet your instructor at Spiralling Energy Tai Chi wearing traditional tai chi uniform