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Based in Hereford. Tai Chi in the Park - outdoor practice during July and August 2022.

Also 121 instruction - get in touch

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With everything going on at the moment you may feeling a bit stressed out. Are you looking to learn something new?

We teach Chen Style Tai Chi, characterised by flowing, spiralling, and twining movements. It exercises the body in a very natural and efficient way. It is the mindful practice of spiralling movement through the body that inspired our name. By paying attention to the body, we relax both the body and the mind.

We offer:

  • Online classes - access anywhere anytime with membership

  • Online and in-person 1-2-1 training

  • Group classes in Hereford, UK (see Local Classes)

  • Tai chi and qigong pop-up taster sessions

  • Online and in-person Corporate wellbeing sessions and short courses

Please contact for more details, and to discuss your specific requirements.

Phone for more information: 07854189009 or email paula@spiralling-energy.co.uk

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Tai chi is promoted by health authorities throughout the world for its relaxing meditative movement.

It boosts the immune system, strengthens the body, increases memory, and improves balance.

Tai Chi Membership gives you access to weekly live tai chi classes and a whole library of tai chi videos indexed to your specific interests. This is a beautiful thriving community.

You can either join live or watch the videos at a later time to suit you. We also have an indexed question and answer section.

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Tai Chi Observations

While the martial aspect of Chen Tai Chi is still very evident, it is now mainly used to promote physical and mental health. Tai Chi’s unique combination of psychological and physical activity helps to harmonise the mind, body and spirit and enhance wellbeing.

Tai chi compliments other sports

Tai chi can help with mastery of other forms of exercise such as dancing and intensive sports. It focuses on energy strength rather than muscle strength by the development of balance and presence. Tai chi was first brought to the UK by Gerda Geddes and taught to dancers to reduce injury.

Tai Chi for Creativity

You can actually ‘findyour creativity by working with Tai Chi. Accessing the creative source within the body. Through breathing exercises, Qigong, becoming aware of oneself through paying attention to the breathing. With these exercises you very often discover where the breath doesn’t flow through your body, where you’re holding on to things.

Tai chi includes weapons forms

By adding weapons forms, including Spear, Broadsword, and Double Broadsword, you can increase energy flow through the body.

Chen Style Tai Chi

The ancient art of Chen Style Tai Chi is recognised as the oldest of the five main Tai Chi styles that exist today. It is the original style from which the other main styles have derived.

Please phone for more information: 07854189009

Student Testimonials:

The Tai Chi classes run by instructor Paula Jobson, at the Westfields Community Centre, are highly recommended.

Each weekly session is an hour long, and Paula takes you through the Tai Chi forms step by step, in a logical fashion. The movements are not at all strenuous, however they do achieve a full body workout. The movements are flowing, and relaxing.

Chris, Hereford

I have been attending Paula's Tai class since the summer. She is a great teacher, enthusiastic and encouraging, allowing all to go at their own pace - a great trait for a teacher. The other class members are also very supportive. I thoroughly enjoy Paula's classes and the benefits began from the very first class.......

Audrey, Hereford

When yoga 🧘‍♀️ isn't a good idea until I find out the extent of my instability, I turned to Tai Chi to bring my focus back on my body & balance and to continue to reignite my fire! 😃🔥

Thank you Spiralling energy tai chi !

Mel, Hereford