Spiralling Energy

Tai Chi

Spiralling Energy is based in Hereford, currently with classes in Hereford and providing introductory demonstrations throughout Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.

Spiralling Energy was formed in 2005 and has been running successfully ever since, we teach the Chen Style tai chi. We focus mainly on beginner classes and introductory taster sessions. People come along to a class for all sorts of reasons, the one they don't always expect is their total immersion into a new way of being, a sense of letting go and finding balance, of reconnecting with the world around them. With this comes a heart filled with happiness.

The inspiration for the name Spiralling Energy came from conversations with the late John Llewellyn, honoured disciple of the Chen Family Dynasty. In teaching Chen Style tai chi he always brought the focus of his students attention on every movement as a spiralling energy, unlike other disciplines the action in Chen Style Tai Chi is of a cellular nature, working with the energy flow of the body.

What to expect in your first class

Classes are gently envigorating; they are empowering and energising, each one different and sensitively tailored to the energies of the day and experience in the class. This is a group experience and as with mountain climbing - no one is left behind.

As this is a beginners class, people who have never studied tai chi before are entering the class all the time, the class is also useful to intermediates who want to reconnect with the basics.

This is a powerfully restorative tai chi practice. There is no beginning and no end as you tap into your own universal energy and connect back to source. Through learning new patterns of movement you can shift away from old body patterns and even clear stagnant thought patterns that no longer serve you. You can breathe deeply and open up your lungs to receive the restorative powerful energy of air, calling up your own peaceful warrior.

What to wear

No special clothes are required to enjoy tai chi, so choose something loose and baggy that will allow inrestricted movement in your hips and knees.

Footwear again should be basic, you want your feet to feel freedom of movement, so gym pumps are ideal. Avoid any footwear with moulded innersoles as these will not allow you to feel a connection with the floor and you will not be able to feel when you squeeze your toes together. Your feet need to be active and as close to their natural movment as possible. Some people get on very nicely wearing their favourite bedroom slippers, after all these are specifically designed for relaxed comfort.

No yoga mats are required, everything in tai chi is done standing up (or on the odd occasion sitting down).

About us

With over 20 years experience Paula offers classes that are suitable to anyone seeking to learn new skills in martial art. This is for people who want to get back in flow and feel a deeper level of freedom through realising joy and connectivity. Tai chi was created as a fighting art, and is ultimately a multifaceted discipline, it is an effective health discipline and it is a method for self-cultivation. Training takes place in a progressive way, and upholds the fundamental importance of cultivating and nurturing every aspect of one's being.

With mentors including Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, and Master Chen Yingjun, Paula has travelled to China to study at the source in Chenjiagou village.

Where to learn more...

If you are interested in finding out more about Tai Chi please go to the Classes in Herefordshire pages. We currently have two classes running in Hereford with more starting in the near future...

Instructor and Students at the end of a class