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Tai chi is promoted by health authorities throughout the world for its relaxing meditative movement. It boosts immune system, strengthens the body, increases memory, and improves balance.

We teach Chen Style Tai Chi, characterised by flowing, spiralling and twining movements it exercises the body in a very natural and efficient way. It is the mindful practice of spiralling movement through the body that inspired our name.

We offer the following:

  • Online workshops - see our current classes

  • Group classes in Hereford, UK (Suspended for time being)

  • Introductory demonstrations

  • Personal 1 to 1 training tailored to your specific interest online or in the park

  • Talks on tai chi and its health benefits, interlaced with anecdotes about travels in China, in person or via webcam

  • Corporate events and wellness days

Please contact for more details, and to talk about whether we can help with your specific requirements.

Phone for more information: 07854189009 or email paula@spiralling-energy.co.uk

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Did you know that you can gain enormous benefit from tai chi even when practicing in a seated position?Teaching can be adapted to include the more energetic and the less mobile.

Did you know that tai chi can help with mastery of other forms of exercise such as dancing and intensive sports? It focuses on energy strength rather than muscle strength, development of balance and presence.

Did you know Chen Style Tai Chi is recognised as the oldest of the five main styles of Tai Chi that exist today? It is the original style from which the other main styles have derived.

While the martial aspect of Chen Tai Chi is still very evident it is now mainly used to promote physical and mental health. Tai Chi’s unique combination of mental and physical activity helps to harmonise the mind, body and spirit and enhance wellbeing.

All current classes focus on the open hand technique of tai chi, these are the images of flowing body form. It is of great fascination that adding the practice of weapons forms including Spear, Broadsword, and Double Broadsword increases the feeling of energy flow through the body and so at some point it is intended that these forms will be offered as additional classes.

Please phone for more information: 07854189009